About us

Decotex GmbH and it’s team is a highly experienced and long-standing business partner for our customers and suppliers.
We see ourselves as a modern company, following and carrying on the Hanseatic merchant tradition.

We are established in the market and seek, alongside with our customers and suppliers a widening and deepening expansion of the market for the comprehensive benefit of its participants.

Together with our partners we offer you a safe and reliable delivery in the trading business as in the production.
We are committed to our European customers as well as to our suppliers from China, India, Poland and Vietnam.

We supply exclusively from manufacturing companies, we have known personally for many years and with whom we have agreed upon production and social standards which are constantly met and verified. The production is carried out in close coordination and constant supervision by our staff on site.

Our strict quality standards guarantee the highest quality at attractive prices.
With our network and our partners in China, we are also able to manufacture, semi-finished products or finished products according to your specifications for you.

DecoTex GmbH as a supplier for retailers is specialized in decorative and textile products.

Please read up about our guidelines.  CSR

We are a committed participant and active member of:

Business Association wholesale and foreign trade
of Hamburg e.V.

AGA business association